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Name: Hoang
Date: 09/26/2004
Message: hi

Name: Gunnar Horpestad
Date: 09/02/2004
Message: Hi Do you have the email address for Halvor Hodnefjell?

Name: Tom Liddle
Date: 08/21/2004
Message: Great site, good lay out, well done to those responsible and taking the time. My only adverse comment: The evening dinner menu needs updating

Name: Lene Schneider
Date: 08/20/2004
Message: Hello Im the new Kitchen mannager at Forenger Club, if you have some speciel wishes for the Lunch Menu, pleace write me a note, and i will try to forfill your whises ! Freendly Greatings Lene

Name: Ashley Wood
Date: 07/07/2004
Message: Leigh, Hey joe dirt, I didnt see the ring in any of the pictures. Trader!!!! Just joking. You still look as cute as ever. I cant wait till you come back to little old katy. Im counting the days. Love You always, Ashley

Name: Cynthia Kelly
Date: 06/17/2004
Message: Way to go Chris! We miss you! Come home soon!

Name: Tina McQuitty
Date: 06/08/2004
Message: I have never met my new found uncle Chris but I am a big fan. :) (I am Pam's youngest daughter) ~Tina

Name: Keith Hooton
Date: 06/03/2004
Message: The website is a great idea. I could not get the audio going on the blues band page though... was there any?

Name: Thunder Horse
Date: 05/14/2004
Message: Unfortunately; the Okpo City Limits Blues Band will be departing South Korea in July. They will be relocated in Corpus Christie, Texas for the integration phase. If you're passing through Corpus through the end of 2005, you might want to see where they're playing.

Name: Vincent Giorgi
Date: 05/12/2004
Message: Nice Site

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