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GFRA Forums : General Discussion : International school of Koje
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International school of Koje

Posted: 08 December 2015 - 09:36 PM

We have serious issues with the school policy and was wondering if anyone is experiencing the same issue?
I have a 9 year old, high achiever child currently in year 5 at an IB International school. Due to my husband's job, we will be relocated to Geoje. We have applied to ISK for my child to be placed in year 5 to continue with her education but the school insisted that my child be placed in year 4 due to the school policy of age cut off. The school policy is that any student born after 1 Sept is placed a year lower. The school is insisting on applying this strict policy with NO exception. I know my child is an high achiever who is consistently in the top 3 in year 5 class with international standardised test results to prove it. The teacher in the current school also endorsed that my child to be in year 5 but ISK still insisted that she placed in year 4! Their reason? It's the school policy...! I don't know how the school can ask a student to repeat a whole academic year?! I don't want to home school my child or to send my child to Busan. The distance to Busan or Sacheon put these schools out of the question.
We felt to helpless. With ISK the only school in the area, we felt that we don't have much of a choice.

I was wondering if any other parents have the same issue and what did you do about it? Any advice would be appreciated.

Posted: 11 January 2016 - 05:04 AM
ISK education very low.Be carefull you know your child and his talent best.A lot of students are moving back to theirs countries.5 years and upper years classes are less and minus.I wish you good luck.You have to check if the school's policy is official??I wish you good luck!!
Posted: 30 September 2016 - 01:46 PM
I homeschool my son. My daughter goes to Korean public school. My wife is Korean and we own an English academy together. I could help teach your child if you still need it. If you need material,
GFRA Forums : General Discussion : International school of Koje

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